Reservation FAQ's

Why do I have to leave a deposit and fill out a contract to reserve lanes?
The Presidio Bowling Center only has 12 lanes.  A contract guarantees your time and number of lanes. It also protects us against no shows and unused lanes while others are waiting.  We have found this process makes it fair for everyone trying to plan an event.

Can I make my reservation by phone?
No. The Presidio Bowling Center requires a completed rental contract and applicable deposit before a reservation can be held. You may make a reservation by fax, in person, by mail or by email.  If you choose to fax or email your contract, we will call you to get the deposit.  If it has been more than an hour since you faxed or emailed your contract and we have not called you, please call us to make sure we have received the contract.  Deposits made in person may be paid by cash, check or Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover and are confirmed at the time the deposit is left.  Deposits sent by mail must be in the form of a check only! Please be aware if you mail your contract and deposit, your reservation is not guaranteed until received and confirmed by the Presidio Bowling Center.

Can I make a “same day” reservation?
No. Often walk-in customers phone the center to inquire about open lanes for later that same day. If the phone call was to take place in the morning and we were to book a reservation in the afternoon for the same day, the phone customer would be disappointed upon his or her arrival. To avoid this disappointment we do not accept “same day” reservations.

Is it necessary to reserve lanes or can I just walk-in?
While it is not necessary to reserve lanes, doing so guarantees the date and time of your choosing. If you choose not to make a reservation, all lanes may be booked when you arrive at the center. If you wish to walk-in, please call the center on the day you wish to bowl so we can give you accurate lane availability. Please be aware that many other walk-in patrons may be coming to the center on the same date, which may result in wait times in excess of one hour. Calling ahead is always recommended. Remember we do not accept reservations by phone or for the same day.

Why are reservations charged by the hour and not by the game?
In order to better serve our customers, reservations are charged by the hour so we may give accurate estimations to other patrons about lane availability. This also allows you to tell your event guests when you will be bowling.

Why does a reservation cost so much more than if I just walk in?
Actually it doesn’t. Remember reservations guarantee your date and time and include unlimited bowling and shoes for up to eight people per lane. Our waitlist can reach in excess of two hours during evening hours and often we have to block out more time than your contract requires to facilitate your rental.

What if I show up late for my reservation?
Your reservation will be held until your deposit is exhausted. Once exhausted, your lanes will be given to customers on the waiting list. Because nobody will be bowling on your lanes, we must begin to charge you when your contracted time starts. If your deposit is not exhausted, you will be able to bowl as stated in your reservation contract. You will be charged for the total amount you agreed to on the contract.

What does my reservation include?
Your reservation includes shoe rental for all of your guests and unlimited bowling on the number of lanes you have reserved. Full house reservations include the above plus exclusive use of the entire bowling center. Children’s birthday party reservations include shoes, one hour of bowling followed by one hour in the party room.

May I bring outside food and beverage into the bowling center?
No. The Presidio Bowling Center does not allow outside food and beverage into the center. You may bring a birthday cake for birthday parties. You must also bring plates, forks and any other items needed to serve your cake. There are no other exceptions to this rule! Patrons bringing other outside food and beverage will be asked to remove it from the center. Full house reservations choosing a catering option must be catered and served by a licensed and insured caterer. You may not have food delivered.